Why us?

One industry, dual expertise and research focus: Ryerson is different from other advisory firms

One Industry

Our sole focus is on the insurance industry because it’s the one we know best. Based on our senior leadership experience in the sector, we are able to partner with clients on the most complex business challenges and build the optimal AI-enhanced solutions to tackle them. While most AI companies are generalists, our strength lies in our commitment to bringing expertise and proprietary technology to one industry alone.

Dual Expertise

It is this deep knowledge of both insurance and AI that not only sharpens our advisory work, but also shortens the time needed between recommendation and action. Our dual expertise accelerates the whole process, allowing us to translate client requirements into applications efficiently. As active participants in the industry we serve, we also know how crucial it is to get the shift to AI right from an organisational standpoint. Our view of AI as a veritable team member, rather than a technological tool, informs our entire approach, from the AI user experience to our insight-based advice on successful integration of the technology.

Research Focus

Our commitment to reshaping the insurance industry for continued growth is also reflected in our research focus. Because we’re focused on one industry, we only invest in the AI technologies and applications that we believe will drive insurer shareholder value well into the future.

Finally, as our name suggests, we are network-inspired

Ryerson Networks was founded with one simple conviction: insurers that use AI-managed networks will deliver far higher levels of customer satisfaction and shareholder value than their peers.

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