The Portfolio Growth Accelerator

Achieve AI-enabled growth

The Portfolio Growth Accelerator addresses two fundamental questions:

  • How do we best deploy scarce client relationship management resources to maximise value creation?
  • How can we best support those resources as they engage with clients and prospects?

This solution helps insurers and multinational pooling networks benefit from:  

Focused Profitable Growth
  • Enhances existing sales pipelines and discovers new opportunities with the insurer’s proprietary data
  • Reinforces the sales force deployment plan with a view on client pursuit strategies
  • Suggests meeting agendas and content to the sales force
Client Retention
  • Transforms transactional exchanges into strategic relationships
  • Identifies at-risk clients and contracts, and offers recommendations to protect them
Cost Reduction
  • Scales sales support teams “virtually” by leveraging AI-enhanced analytics
  • Coordinates data acquisition, aggregation, AI training and analysis
Broker Channel Engagement
  • Connects insurer’s AI to broker’s data sources to identify and classify joint targets
  • Delivers advisory content to consultants
  • Offers AI-based tools to brokers to improve prospect identification and pursuit