The Captive Accelerator

Change your future cost and capital consumption trajectory

The Captive Accelerator allows the smallest type of standalone insurance company to operate with the same scale, efficiency and sophistication as insurers with far bigger balance sheets. This technology leverages the power of AI-enabled networks to deliver vital insight available in external data sources.

This solution helps captives in three critical areas:  

AI Enhanced Core Analytics
  • Identifies of long-term drivers of cost
  • Provides predictive analytics, with a focus on the participating entity, reporting and budgeting
  • Assesses the effectiveness of cost-containment activities
  • Quantifies the value and insight contained in existing data sources
  • Advises on data and insight acquisition to increase access to commercially valuable knowledge  
Data and Insight Aggregation
  • Aggregates data sources into a captive-specific data structure
  • Integrates insight from proprietary vendor data sources into an aggregation and analytics framework
  • Combines captive reporting tools with captive data
  • Transforms data for AI processing
Cost Reduction
  • Scales operations teams “virtually” by leveraging AI-enhanced analytics
  • Automates data imports from external providers
  • Enables real-time production of operational analytics
  • Integrates captive-defined reporting and analytics into the Ryerson AI and analytics layer
  • Automates AI-driven search of analytics for commercially relevant insight