One industry, dual expertise and research focus: Ryerson is different from other advisory firms

We are experts not only in the insurance industry, but also in designing the right AI solutions for it. Our ability to deliver expertise as well as cutting-edge technology helps clients:

  • Imagine a future of AI-enabled growth and clarify the steps needed to act on it
  • Build the optimal AI technologies and deploy them across key functions and networks
  • Embed AI within the organisation and embrace its unique role on the team

Ryerson provides both standardised and bespoke solutions, each consisting of material advisory and technological components. For standardised solutions, projects start with a production-ready technology platform that we believe will best address the given business challenge. Our suite of bespoke advisory services and AI allows us to dive into our collaboration with a technology-focused, business-driven point of view – and move to implementation without delay.

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Expertise and Technology


Reimagine your value chain using AI

Portfolio Growth Accelerator

Achieve AI-enabled growth

Captive Accelerator

Change your future cost and capital consumption trajectory


Reimagine your value chain using AI

Our advisory services enable our clients to reimagine their operating model with AI and ensure they have the requisite internal buy-in to embed it. We build on our industry know-how and proprietary technology to deliver solutions customised to the client's specific context.

As a small R&D-driven organisation, we have focused our research investment on the complex challenges that will be defining value creation for industry shareholders. These include:

  • Delivering profitable growth in a mature market
  • Engaging and managing distribution channels
  • Optimising capital
  • Sourcing and structuring alternative capital
  • Managing long-term cost
  • Aggregating insurance-specific data and insight for transformation and analysis
  • Developing AI-enhanced operational analytics and KPIs
  • Improving enterprise-level ALM, LDI and CDI modelling   

Clients partnering with Ryerson in our areas of research focus will enjoy a head start.

Ryerson helps clients shift to an operating model enhanced by AI and, critically, get the buy-in needed for change.  We do that by providing what we call "AI First, Application First" deliverables in our project work.

AI First means:

  • Using advanced AI algorithms, rather than traditional statistical models, to gain commercially relevant insight
  • Obtaining a balanced, strategic view of the value of an insurer’s underlying data assets
  • Working with AI from the outset to heighten familiarity with the technology and enable immediate adoption   

Application First means:

  • Delivering advisory content in an AI-enabled application, rather than a conventional, static report
  • Engaging clients as active participants who can provide early guidance on areas warranting deeper analysis
  • Facilitating the immediate adoption of the recommended technology, bypassing the costly work of transforming the analytics into in-house applications and processes